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We offer a complete range of fast, reliable, and secure solutions, so you can give your customers the best payment experience possible.

*In Partnership with Dojo * £15 pm for existing card switcher and £20 pm for new card user apply * Transaction charges apply * 6 Months contract for new businesses * VAT apply

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Hello, £0 monthly rental fees!

With their Pay Once plan, say goodbye to card machine rental fees forever. That’s one less direct debit to worry about.

Plus, you won’t be tied in to a lengthy contract, there’s no cancellation fees and you won’t roll over into a new term.

Meanwhile, you can accept all the payment methods your customers trust using the best in card machine technology, with the Verifone V240m.

Fast, portable and well connected

The Verifone V240m card machine has Wi-Fi and 3G connections that allow the terminal to select the strongest signal automatically.

E.g. A pub can take payments inside at the bar via Wi-Fi. If a waiter goes outside to take payment at a table and Wi-Fi drops out, 3G will connect automatically.

Save more by paying upfront

How long have you had a card machine for? By paying once upfront, you can make fantastic savings compared to the cost of a typical agreement with a fixed monthly fee.

Consider this...

If you currently have a card machine that costs £25 per month in rental fees, you could end up paying £900 in rental alone by the end of a 3 year contract.

Funds from card machine to bank account in hours

Same Day Settlement, also known as ‘Faster Payments’, is a bolt-on feature that delivers the funds taken from card sales to your account within the same day, instead of waiting 3-5 days¹.

Having your money faster could be the difference between paying a supplier on time, restocking for your next sale or simply keeping a healthy working capital.

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